How to take a screenshot?

We all often require to take screenshot of our desktop. It maybe for an illustrative purpose, error reporting, for guiding one friend or for something else. Anyway it comes handy many times if you know how to take screenshot of your desktop.


1. There is a key assigned for taking screenshot in our keyboard itself. You maybe wondering which one. Its in right top of your keyboard. The “Print Screen” key. It may also be something like “Prt Scr” or “Prt Scr Sys Rq”. Press that key.

2. Now you’ve taken a screenshot of your desktop. You can’t see that? Yep, you can’t. Now open MS paint. (Start Run >> “mspaint“.)

3. Now press Control + V.

4. You got your screenshot now. Now you need to save that.

Click File -> Save as  Then save in the required format (JPEG, PNG etc.). Though there are many tools available for capturing screenshot, this is the most easiest of all.

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