How to track visitors in your site?

Well, for webmasters, there is a clear and great need to track visitors in your site. We need to analyze the visits and page views of different posts, in order to make our future posts better. And it helps us to analyze which post got the highest traffic, also about which tags are bringing visitors to your site. Also you’ll be able to know, the location of your site’s visitors. So to satisfy all these needs we need a good service. Here, you will need to depend on a single service to get these tasks done, to make things easier. Google analytics is the best  freeservice on Internet, which has all these features and facilites.


  • A Google account. Yep!!! Thats all we need.


  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards
  • API and developer platform
  • Advanced Analysis Tools
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Custom Variables
  • Data Export

To get every features in detail, go to the official google analyitcs features page. 

How to install analytics in less than 5 minutes?


1. If you don’t have a Google account, then create one here. If you already have an account, then skip to the next step.
2. Go to the Google Analytics website, hit the “Sign Up Now” link and login with your Google account credentials.

3.  Now though you are done logging in, you need to click “Sign up” again. This maybe some sort of spam account filtering method.
4. Complete filling up the details about your site. Please note that you need not give your site’s link like All you need to give is this.

5. After you have done giving your details, you will see two license agreements, accept them.

6. Now you will be getting one javascript code. Copy the entire code and save it somewhere safely for future reference.

Where to paste the tracking code?

The tracking code is designed to read data from your page after the content for the page has finished loading. For this reason, the snippet should be located just before the closing </body> tag for your web page.
Now it will take 24 hours to get access to analytics. Whenever you need to check your site’s analytics data, logon to your account.

Note : Analytics track your website well, but there is a time lag of about 24 hours.