How to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

iPhone comes with a great feature called iCloud which doesn’t let anyone else use your iOS device unless you let them. This is particularly useful if you forget your phone somewhere or it gets stolen. However, as helpful as this feature is, it can be equally annoying. In the countries where Apple doesn’t have an official presence, people have to rely on regular retailers who sometimes sell them a used phone in which iCloud lock is activated. The buyers pay the full price, but even then they are unable to use the device. This is where it becomes necessary to know how to unlock iCloud Activation lock on an iPhone. We are here to teach just that. By following the given steps, you will be able to bypass the lock without any problem.

  1. While you’re on the Activate iPhone screen, press Home and then tap on Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Now tap on the i symbol in the settings and empty the DNS address.
  3. Replace the previous DNS with the given address in accordance with your region.
  4. USA/North America:
  5. Europe:
  6. Asia:
  7. Rest of the World:
  8. After putting in the DNS, tap Back followed by Done
  9. Tap on Activation Help and you’re set.

Completing the aforementioned steps will unlock iCloud and you will be able to access iPhone’s functions, including iCloud Locked User Chat, Social, Internet, Mail, Maps, YouTube, Games, Audio, Video, and so much more.

Note: Always try to purchase your Apple device from an official store.