How To Upgrade To Windows 8 Genuine From Windows 7

With the official launch of windows 7 being over, many users are now trying to get their hands on the new OS from Microsoft that is designed keeping the touch screen generation in mind. The design of the desktop has been completely changed from the previous versions with the desktop being replaced by home screen. This may be the upcoming revolution in the PC industry.

upgrade to windows 8 from windows 7 genuine for just 15$

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The new OS has completely brought the touch screen interface to life on the PC medium with enhanced capabilities and smoother functioning. It is also said that the new OS uses lesser memory than the windows 7. So it is obvious that people would want to upgrade to windows 8 from their existing Windows 7. While this is possible, one must see first how feasible it would be to upgrade from windows 7 to 8. This guide will help you with that:

Eligibility: For those who bought the windows 7 during the period of 2 June 2012 to Jan 2013, are eligible for upgrading to windows 8 at a minimal cost of around $15(depends on the geographical region), while those who bought their Microsoft OS in a period other than this will be able to upgrade at $39.99. Your PC also must have a valid window genuine key for the eligibility to upgrade to windows 8.

Hardware Requirements

 One must also check the basic hardware requirements to make sure the PC can run the OS smoothly.

Processor: The new window 8 requires at least 1 Giga Hertz of processing power.

RAM: It is recommended that you have 2 GB Ram on 32 bit and 3 GB RAM on 64 bit system whereas the official requirements are stated as 1 GB and 2 GB respectively.

Hard disk: At least 16 GB of Hard disk space is required for the 32 bit version.

Graphic: At least a DirectX 9 compatible card is required.

A screen resolution of 1024 x768 pixels is also required. This will enable you to get the best of all the apps available on the app store.


How to Upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7

  • To upgrade your OS, you would First of all need to download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant (click on the link to download) . This will allow you to easily upgrade your Previous version of windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro. The upgrade assistant is the piece of software that will help you through the upgrade download. It will check the compatibility before starting the update. After that you will also be able to select the type of media set that you want to get the software on.

windows 8 upgrade assistant

  • After the Downloading of Windows 8 upgrade Assistant you can optionally go for redeeming your Windows 8 Promo code from  Microsoft’s windows upgrade offer website this is to get a Discount of 20$. Please note that In order to redeem your promo code you must have a PC which was bought after 1st june, 2012 , if not you can skip to the 3rd step.Here All you need to do is choose your country on the Windows upgrade offer page and click on continue“. Now fill up the form and you will receive your promo code mailed to you.
    windows 8 upgrade offer promo code


  • Now Open and Run Windows Upgrade Assistant that you downloaded in the 1st step. Now everything is simple , just fill up the form and details , choose your payment option (Credit Card Preferred for Indians)  and copy paste the Promo Code you Received in your Email  and Click on Apply.
  •  You will see that soon after you Apply the Promo code the Total cost is reduced to 14$ , now purchase your Order using the suitable payment methods you choose. You  will Receive an Email along with your Windows 8 Pro Genuine Product Key.

  • Now click on Next on Windows upgrade Assistant and it will download the Windows 8 for upgrading this might take some time depending on your network speed. On the completion of your upgrade, you will be asked to keep your old files as well as the OS. You can manually uninstall the previous OS if you want after the upgrade has been completed.downloading windows 8 for upgrading

 Video Tutorial

here is a video tutorial for upgrading to windows 8 from windows 7

Thus, the overall setup of Windows 8 is pretty simple and you can test it on your PC if you match the above stated requirements. It is Sure, Microsoft has come up with something really great in this OS.

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