How to Use Facebook Timeline Features : Complete Guide.

new facebook timelineits a good bye to to the good old facebook layout, as facebook is about to release their all new profile version,   timeline .  well though this update was anouced to be launched earlier this month, its still getting delayed as facebook is clearing away the  final glitches. well for those who can’t wait to get their hands on timeline, check out our post on how to get facebook time line early . so lets see what timeline is all about.

what is timeline ?

facebook is all about sharing your instant information and getting to know what’s happening with out friends. well usually our old facebook profiles represented may be uptill last week of our life. as its trouble some to scroll down the feed to more older posts that that. well timeline is all about telling your life story, ie you can focus most important updates happened on your life, its not only status updates and photos you can share now, but you can share the music your are listening to, recipes you are cooking now,places where you are at now so on

timeline brings you all the information to your profile ticker, information such as the movies your friends are watching currently, the music they are listening and all most all activities they are doing.

Components of Timeline

profile cover

facebook profile coverfill up your profile top with a unique wide image that represent your, its the first thing your friends will see as they visit you. you can check out post for some interesting cover ideas .

well using profile cover is so easy,you can upload a wide image and re position it by hovering mouse over the cover.its again the simple old fb pic change interface used in past for changing profile picture. well also if you wish to not use a cover its fine even then. your profile will auto adjust to that.also if you are having troubles finding profile covers then check out this post.

timeline also features a date based navigation which i find very cool, am sure you will enjoy this as well, you can see the date scroller on right side of your profile

 Your Stories

time line activity feed share and highlight most important events and happening in your life. this is where you can tell the story of life from the start till now.well so in the screen shots we posted you can see square boxes representing events. new facebook share box will enable you to add more life events like “new child born” , “moved to new house” , almost anything in your life. you can edit the date of this events and also feature an event by clicking on the star.

well we may write in more detail on how to use this features. still its pretty simple. there is an activity manager or you can manage which all stories will appear on timeline.also timeline will enable you to add missing info such as pictures of your first birthday or so on, the information you missed , adding to facebook. timeline enable you to discover more new stories, find the old gems and create a complete diary of your life. its pretty cool.

new social applications

facebook timeline applicationstimeline is being released with a bunch of applications that help you log everything that happens in your life, like the movies you watch, the activities you love, music you listen,articles you read so and so. facebook have initially partnered with many biggies out there like nike+ ,imdb,spotify,kobo,netflix and so on for this data.

also you will soon find this applications popping out everywhere as they are also releasing a new version of open graph. well using this applications is not big deal so am not going to brag much about them.just know if you enable this application,as for spotify or so on,it will share the songs which you are listening right to your fb profile. just enjoy using them….

check out this official page about time line and see friends who already enabled it .

if you have any doubts or troubles using timeline then let us know here via comments we will get back to you . Also enjoy the official timeline video


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