Different Methods to Remove Trial Version of Software

Last week, I had to install mp4 video converter (trial version) in order to convert some of my video’s to mobile supporting mp4 videos. But the problem with it was ,it only had the trial period of 7 days and in order to use it forever either i had to pay for the full version or crack it some way or the other. I have searched on net the whole day and found out some of the easiest methods to use a demo version  software forever or extend its trial period to another time.

There are many softwares and applications available for download as a shareware,also known to us as demoware(demo) or trialware (trial version) , this softwares are available for free download and we can use it for free till a certain deadline period and after that we have to buy the program by paying a licence fee to the developer. If not paid till the trial period ,the software will either stop working, or continue working with limited or restricted features, or displays a reminder message about expired trial demo license.

The solution or workaround is to extend or reset the trial applications expiry date and time, or its trial period, so that users can continue to using the trial shareware without crack or hack. And there are many different methods by which we can  change the expiry date and time  of any trial version software.

Method 1:

The most easiest way to fool time algorithmn of most of the software is by adjusting the date and time of the system clock to a future(eg:- 7 nov 2030, 4:00 pm) one before installing the software and then changing the date and time back to true one after the installation. Thus if the trial period is 7 days we will get trial period till 14 nov 2030, as according to the registry value the software is installed in 7 nov 2030. This trick works on most of the softwares.

Method 2:

Another easiest method is to Reinstall the program after the trial period ends , but most likely this method won’t work  on current modern softwares, as the expiry check algorithm getting sophisticated by keeping the expiry information on started using date and days allowed for try use plus days left in the trial in the registry or in a randomly named file.

Method 3:

The most effective way is to Reinstall your windows, and you can use all trial demo shareware again, as all dummy registry entries and dummy files that store trial information are wiped off. But this method is not convinient as you cant always keep on reinstalling your windows. 😀

Method 4:

Find a crack or serial , with the help of cracks search engine such as crackfound and crackspider. But this is not extending the trial period of software instead it will either remove trial restrictions or make it full version. This is an effective way to use try-out softwares as full version.

Method 5:

One of the most easiest way to use demo or trial version softwares forever is by using any software that stops the trial time. Time Stopper is such a  software that can stop the time for trial version software. All we have to do is just open the desired software using this Time stopper software each time or u can create a modified icon for your trial software using time stopper so that you dont have to open the time stopper each time you want to open the software.There are other softwares that has similar functionality like time stopper too such as run as date and trial reset.

There are also other methods to use trial applications forever without expiration  such as by registry backup and cleaning . If you find any other methods please let us and others know by your valuable comments here.

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