How to use Whatsapp on web

WhatsApp has extended its reach and usability beyond the confinements of smartphones with the introduction of WhatsApp Web, an extension of the service for the computer. By syncing the WhatsApp account on your phone with your computer, it lets you send and view messages on both the devices. Any action that you take on either of the two devices will be applicable to the other. Want to start using your favorite messaging service on a bigger screen for a richer communication experience? Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Got an active WhatsApp account on your phone? If yes, great. If no, then make one before proceeding to the next steps. You can download WhatsApp from Google Play Store.
  2. Download Google Chrome on your computer if you don’t have it installed already. Currently, this is the only browser supported by WhatsApp Web.
  3. Use Google Chrome to visit on your computer. You’ll notice a prominent QR code on the page you just opened.
  4. Now grab your phone, open WhatsApp, tap the menu key, and select “WhatsApp Web” to pull up the WhatsApp Web QR code scanner.
  5. Use the WhatsApp Web QR code scanner to scan the QR code being displayed on the computer’s web browser.
  6. Within seconds, you’ll find your WhatsApp conversations appearing in the browser. You can now start using the service on both the devices.
  7. To end the session, simply navigate to the WhatsApp Web menu on your phone and tap “Log out from all computers”. You can alternatively end the session from your computer by clicking on the menu icon and then clicking “Log out”.

Note: The method for launching WhatsApp Web on phone varies from platform to platform. Furthermore, the computer-based extension doesn’t support iPhone yet.