How to watch Movies in Youtube for free online

Youtube , one of the leading video streaming and broadcasting sites on internet is also providing its viewers with a Movie section, where people can watch movies. This post is for all those who are not aware of this feature by youtube. I may be bit late in sharing this link but I always believe its better to know later than not knowing. Well , its true that youtube is providing a separate section for movies, where you can watch any movies which youtube has listed on its page. You can watch the full movie in one go rather than watching movies in parts , which we used to experience some years back.

Youtube’s constantly adding new movies to its featured movie section. There are a wide variety of movies from which you can choose the one’s that you like. Most of the movies listed here are mainly old movies that has not been a hit in movie world. But there are still many movies in it which we can say “yaah !! its worth watching” . The movies are divided category wise , where in each category there is 20+ movies. These categories include Action & Adventure , Animation & Cartoons , Comedy ,Crime , Documentary , Drama , Family, Foreign Film , Horror ,Indian Cinema , Mystery & Suspense , Romance and Science Fiction.

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As for its Interface , I am quite in love with its featured movie page , as before watching each movie we are given a short review about it along with the movie rating whether its rated or unrated. So people who are interested in watching Old movies with your family and don’t want to waste money buying DVD or blue ray discs , then this is one place where you must surely give a try. The streaming speed is also good and also like all other video’s in Youtube you can easily share any movie that you watch here with your friends to any of the social networks that you have linked with youtube.

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