How Video Games Can Change Your Brain

Video games have already conquered a significant part of day-to-day entertainment. There are thousands of different alternatives in the market. For example, you can choose high-quality AAA-projects such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto: V, God of War and The Last of Us. On the other hand, you can play cheaper but still interesting indie games like Minecraft. If you want to play with other people, you can load online games (Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, etc.).

Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Bethesda, EA, and other developers earn millions of dollars every year. Video games are popular among children, adults, students, business owners, retirees, and other people. According to the statistics, all gamers spend more than 3 billion hours every week playing video games. Moreover, sales are not going to decrease. So, it’s really difficult to overestimate the importance of video games in the 21st century. However, what is the impact of its popularity? How can this type of entertainment change our brain and our consciousness? Let’s consider this question!

Video Games Don’t Have Only Negative Impact

There are a lot of people who are still sure that video games don’t cause any positive impact. They are sure that gamers are always angry and depressed. However, the real situation differs. In fact, video games can make you more attentive. This skill is extremely useful nowadays. For example, it’s not a secret that most students usually refer to a professional research paper writing service e.g. CustomWritings. They don’t want to waste their time, that’s why they decide to buy research papers custom written according to their academic requirements. However, there are still some students who want to write a research paper without any help. If you are one of these people who don’t want to transfer these projects to real professionals, your attentiveness will be useful.

Moreover, scientists admit that computer games can help you to have rest, enjoy your life and keep calm. Video games can become something like a real mechanism of becoming free of stress. It’s recommended to ignore people who say that gamers are violent and angry. It’s not true at all. Gaming gives you a possibility to reduce your stress.

Nevertheless, we should also understand that everything is relative. It’s not recommended to play video games for dozens of hours every week. In some instances, your hobby can become your illness. Don’t become addicted to video games.

What Skills Can Video Games Improve?

Video games can improve and develop your personality. Even despite the fact that some skills which you can get are quite obvious, there are still a lot of surprising opportunities. So, how can you improve yourself during playing games?

  • You can learn new languages. Gaming is a great possibility to learn foreign languages. You can learn a lot of words and even understand the main rules of grammar. Moreover, if you don’t skip cutscenes, you can improve your pronunciation or listening skills. Of course, it works better if you are a gamer from non-English speaking countries (for example, France, Germany, Spain and so on). However, even English native speakers can figure out something new and useful. The leading video game developers hire professional and skillful screenwriters. These people are skillful masters of language. They want to make dialogues of characters interesting and exciting. These dialogues have to catch your attention. So, you have an opportunity to improve your vocabulary. It’s also possible to figure out something new and find out how to explain your point of view.
  • Visual abilities. According to the recent study, there are a lot of other hidden benefits in video games. Some of them can help you to make your visual abilities better. In fact, gamers can focus on a lot of objects at the same time. Moreover, they have a better reaction. They are able to notice even not important mistakes. It could be extremely useful during your real life. For example, if you want to become a lawyer, this skill is really exclusive. It will be significantly easier to proofread and edit your procedural documents.  
  • Motor skills. There are a lot of video games, which can help you to improve motor skills. For example, such games as Underground can make you more careful and attentive. You can discover how to pay attention even to the smallest parts of your task.
  • Brain growth. Prof Simone Kuhn during his research discovered the effect of computer games on the brain. According to his reports, three parts of our brain can grow (the prefrontal cortex, right hippocampus, and cerebellum). If you play video games, you make your brain bigger. All of these parts help to stay focused and navigate better. In fact, playing video games makes you literally smarter! So, turn on your PS4 and make yourself better right now.

Therefore, it’s not true that video games are not useful. This activity can make you better as well, but don’t forget to control the time, which you spend on gaming.