HTC P3700/Touch Diamond (New interface): Features and specifications

HTC Touch Diamond also known as the HTC P3700 contains amazing features which are very much attractive to the youth. The new design of the Touch Diamond comes with a three dimensional touch interface.The important thing about the new Touch Diamond is that the company Incorporated more than 200 patents in this pocket PC. Touch Diamond is a Windows mobile 6.1 pocket PC. It was introduced to the market in may 2008. The response from the public was also excellent.

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The important features of the touch diamond are described below.

  • HTC opted the resistive  technology for the touch screen.Company says that the main reason for opting the touch technology is that resistive touch is more useful in Asian condition.However the buttons that are beneath the screen has capacitive touch sensitivity.
  • The important feature about the pocket PC is that it is having a 3D interface. It is provides animated access to people, messaging, email, photos, music,weather and more.In addition its interface software’s enable one to play round with video stills and snapshots.
  • Initially there were a number of  complaints about the batteries.Then the company replays new batteries offering double the capacity of the included battery are being sold by third parties and HTC itself  sells an extended battery with 50% extra capacity.
  • Another important feature of HTC Touch Diamond is it provides an internet with high speed data transmission.Users can zoom and pan websites with one hand and automatically view the optimized content that has been specially created to fit the display.
  • The capacitive technology is used by the camera button helps to take the photos more user friendly.That is the capacitive touch technology is utilized by the camera application to auto zoom-in as the finger approaches close to the button.
  • When a person is on a call the screen turns to off .This is to prevent the screen from accepting  unwanted inputs from the user’s face while he is on a call.The user can turn on the screen if he wanted to use any applications in the phone.

The above mentioned are the important features about the pocket PC HTC Touch Diamond.These features are made the pocket PC a bestseller in the world.HTC Touch Diamond introduced in Hong Kong in 2008.Then it become available in the whole world.There were a huge expectations for the HTC Touch Diamond in the Asian continent.The company fulfilled that by giving an extra ordinary product.

The standard software using in the HTC Touch Diamond is Windows mobile 6.1 version.In order to improve the working of various applications HTC included a number of softwares.The important one is the TouchFLO 3D software.The important feature about the pocket PC is the 3D touch interface.In order to support the 3D interface  TouchFLO 3D  software is included with in the Touch Diamond.

Other important softwares Incorporated with in the touch diamond are

  • Opera-It acts as a default mobile browser for the users.
  • Youtube  -In order to share, surf and download videos.
  • Teeter – It is video game utilising the  accelerometer of  the Touch Diamond.
  • Android – The XDAndroid project makes it possible to run Android on HTC.

Because of the variety of applications and superb features only million units of the Touch Diamond were shipped within 6 first weeks.

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