IBM Product Source Code to be shared with China

IBM Agrees to Share Product Source Code with Chinese Government

The company has taken the bold step to convince Chinese government that its products do not have any security threats.

IBM has agreed to share the product source code for some of its products with Chinese Government. This move is taken to gain the trust of the Chinese officials by proving that none of the company’s product posts any security threats.

The company made it clear that it won’t handover its client’s details to the Chinese government.

“Strict procedures are in place within these technology demonstration centers to ensure that no software source code is released, copied or altered in any way,” IBM stated to clear security concerns of its users.

IBM is not the first U.S tech company to reveal its product source code to the Chinese Government. Microsoft also shared the source code for several of its products including Windows 7 back in 2010.

There is no information on which of the IBM’s products will be shared for review, and how long the process will take. The decision will help the company to get an edge over its competitors by establishing good relations with the Chinese government, as the region offers extraordinary growth opportunities.


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