Explore feature enhanced in Instagram 7.0 update

Instagram Focuses on ‘Explore’ Feature in 7.0 Update

Explore feature of Instagram gets a whole lot accessible.

In the midst of so many social networking platforms, Instagram has managed to survive on its own because of its focus on images. However, the explore feature of Instagram never felt as useful as it should because it didn’t really show stuff that the users wanted to. Thankfully, that has changed as of today.

7.0 update for the social networking platform was rolled out today and it has improved the ‘explore’ feature of Instagram. Previously, explore only showcased a grid of photos randomly. However, from now on, it will show you trending ones.

The trends of course will be set by hashtags. You can search for a random hashtag and all the images related to it will show up on your screen. This experience is very much like Twitter where you easily find tweets related to the topic you’re interested in. A separate section of ‘Trending Places’ has also been added to explore, which will make the search a whole lot easier.

This update for ‘explore’ feature was very much needed because the previous version was not doing the job that the users expected it to. This shows that the developers at Instagram are listening to the users’ feedback, and are making the changes in accordance to it.


Image Courtesy: marketingland.com

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