Instragram aiming to pull users using Highlights

Instagram is sending “Highlights” Emails to its Users

The service has adopted this tactic in a bid to retain its 300 million users.

Similar to the “best of” email digests feature; Instagram has now came up with a new feature in which the social network will send the most popular posts from the user’s account through email to keep their interest in the service alive.

The Highlights feature is the Company’s way of attracting the users towards Instagram.

This feature will control the unfiltered feed problem, which is commonly faced by those people who are following too many users. Too many notifications about people the user may not be interested in following closely can often lead to annoyance with the service.

Highlights will definitely help the four-year old company to retain its users in the long run.

Currently, there is no button to unsubscribe from this feature, which means the users are not left with much option, but hopefully it be added to the Highlights email soon.


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