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Instagram is All Set to Launch Conversation Threads

Social media has taken a predominance over our lives before we can realize it.

Quite honestly, our lives are pretty much dependent on social media. Every other day, major social networking sites keep announcing new updates to their apps as to keep their users engaged and invested in the long run.

Just today, Instagram, one of the most popular pictures sharing social networking giant that has also surpassed Snapchat, announced a major upgrade to its app. It is going to update its comments section, allowing people to initiate different conversation threads under a single post.

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Previously, the users were only allowed to post individual comments under the post. When a user commented on a post, the comment appeared to be present in one column, thus making it difficult to start multiple conversations on the same post. However, with this upgrade, they will be able to create conversation threads below a single post.

The said feature was primarily tested on various Android apps earlier this summer, however, the company has now decided to roll out this feature and add threaded comments to users’ accounts on both Android and iOS.

The new upgrade is similar to as that of Facebook where users can create separate comment threads in a single post. When users will hit ‘reply’ on a comment, their comment will appear in a nested thread which means it will appear slightly indented towards the right of the original comment. This upgrade should make it easier for users to chat back and forth and also reply to different people on a single post without jumbling the whole comment section

To enable this feature on your app, make sure you have updated your Instagram app. Globally, the update will be made available in the coming weeks, therefore you need to keep a constant lookout for the update.

Get ready to initiate great conversation threads on Instagram now!

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