Instagram Stories Problems

Instagram Stories Problems Forcing People to Move Back to Snapchat

Not too long ago, Snapchat introduced a new feature called Memories and its purpose was to let people share their old and new pictures with each other. Due to popularity of the platform, this feature became an instant hit. However, this feature’s sudden rise to fame didn’t sit well with people at Instagram as they introduced a similar feature called Stories almost instantly.

This counter move however, seems to have backfired as Instagram Stories problems are being discussed all over the web. Most of the users can’t even take advantage of this feature because as soon as they try to do so, their app crashes.

Furthermore, it restricts users to share the photos that were taken within the last 24 hours, which is another annoyance. Other minor bugs are present as well and are causing several problems for the users.

Due to Instagram Stories problems, a lot of users have reverted back to Snapchat Memories, which is something no one anticipated. If things stay like this, then the new feature would become a disaster and that’s something Instagram would surely like to avoid.

The new feature is not in the condition to be tried out just yet, so it is advised that you wait until all the issues are ironed out.

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