Instagram to enhance picture quality

Instagram to Increase the Resolution of Its Images

The growing family of 300 million Instagram users should expect to see their photos bigger and better within a few days or weeks.

Instagram is set to increase the resolution of its images from 640 x 640 pixels to 1080 x 1080 pixels. Even though the Facebook-owned company has not displayed photos in this new resolution size yet, it has already started to save them in that format. You can confirm it by checking the web source code for each photo.

The Verge broke the news, after which Instagram spokesperson also confirmed it, adding that a few users may already have this new update. She refused to comment on when this process of updating the resolution size will be completed.

Instagram has been displaying images in 640 pixels since 2010, the year of its launching when not most of the mobile phones had good cameras. With smartphone screens getting bigger and mobile cameras getting better, it was crucial for the company to increase the resolution of its images.

This new feature is currently available for iOS and Android only. There is still no news on when it will be available for web users.


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