Instagram Redesigning its Website

Instagram’s Redesigned Website with Bigger Photos is ready to Launch

The new web design will change the way hashtag collections, profile page and home feed looks.

Instagram users should expect a few interesting changes in the design of website by the end of this week. Among the primary changes is increase in the size of photos and addition of three big photos in a row on the desktop instead of five photos. This will give a new look to the profile pages.

Grid of cover images will be moved at the top, and there will also be a few changes in the borders, particularly removing the added borders and rounded edges, and adding circular profile pictures.

It is done to use the space more efficiently and effectively, and remove the clutter to give a neater, smoother and simpler look to the profile pages. The new design looks similar to its mobile app. Also, the profile images, posts and followers in redesigned website will be in similar style on both platforms; desktop and mobile.

Even though these changes are not as big, yet it will hopefully attract more number of people towards Instagram, boosting its ad revenue.

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