Intel Amazes Everyone By Revealing Core i9 Processor Chipset

After the release of Core i7, Intel stopped making new processors. They felt that i7 was already too powerful and at that time, it really was. I7 with right hardware made the device a force to be reckoned with. However, as time passed, i7 started to become less and less powerful, and it didn’t seem like a giant it was before. Intel realized that it was time to bring new processor to the market and they did in the shape of Core i9 processor chipset.

Since the reveal, multiple tests have been run on the processor and it has produced some amazing results. Just yesterday, sofos1990 overclocked the chipset to new heights. He pushed “Intel Core i9 -7900X CPU to 6.01 GHz using a Gigabyte X299 SOC Champion motherboard and liquid nitrogen cooling.” This was an amazing feat and shows how powerful i9 actually is.

Even with the powerful nature of i7, a lot of people started to feel that it was not a very good choice for multi-tasking. Whenever they tried to perform different tasks simultaneously, their computer suffered from slowdowns. However, now that Core i9 has been announced, things are sure to take a turn for the better. It will be extremely expensive in the beginning, just like all processors are, but price will start to dwindle down as time passes, and more and more people get their hands on it.

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