How to Turn your android phone into Hotspot device.

If you’re an Android user looking to connect your mobile devices such as your laptop or tablet to the internet, but are miles away from the nearest Wi-Fi device, you need not look any further than your Android phone, provided it’s got an active data plan. As it so happens, you have not one but two options available to you: tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot. The former allows you to use your phone’s data plan on any device through a USB or Bluetooth connection. The latter, on the other hand, is a much more convenient option as it turns the phone into a portable Wi-Fi device, sharing its data plan with multiple devices wirelessly. For both these options, you’ll need to check if your phone has the ability to share internet connection and also if your carrier allows tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot on your data plan. Quite a few carriers require you to pay a small fee for the privilege. Go with the better of the two options i.e., Wi-Fi hotspot, and extend your phone’s internet connection to multiple devices with the help of this step-by-step guide “How to Turn your android phone into Hotspot device.”.

  1. Start off by heading straight into your phone’s Settings. Locate the “More networks” option in “Connections” and tap it.

  1. On the “More networks” screen, look for the “Tethering and portable hotspot” option and tap it.

  1. You’ll notice that the switch next to “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” is grey, indicating that it’s switched off. Slide it towards right.

  1. A message will pop up on the screen, informing you that Wi-Fi will turn off upon turning portable Wi-Fi hotspot on. Give your approval to the task by tapping “OK”.

  1. You will notice that the switch is turned green, indicating that your phone is now acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot. To access additional options, tap “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”.

  1. Control which devices can connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot by tapping the arrow next to “AndroidAP” and then selecting either “Allow all devices” or “Selected devices only”. You will also be able to view connected devices, as well as the procedure to connect to the hotspot from other devices. Tap “Allowed Devices” to specify which nearby devices may connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot. To further customize the connection, tap “Configure”.

  1. Use the “Network SSID” field to rename your Wi-Fi hotspot to whatever you like. If you want to hide your device, check the box right under this field. To add an extra bit of security to the network and keep unwanted guests out, set a password using the “Password” field. Tap “Save” to save changes.

Note: The process of Internet sharing on adnroid phone may slightly vary from device to device.


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