iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 Beta Makes the Wait for Final Release Even More Exciting

Apple adds some awesome new features with each iOS update and they have something similar planned for the 10th iteration, the public beta of which became available a few days back. The full version will probably accompany iPhone 7, which is slated for release later this year. The available beta has introduced a customizable lock screen, integration between mobile phone and computer browsers, a feature that tells you where you parked your car, first-party keyboard, sending photos straight from iMessage, search options for Gallery, and so much more. If you have already updated, then you must be enjoying these features, but if you haven’t done that already, then we suggest you do that right away because iOS 10 beta is too good to miss out on.

Lock Screen

Previously, your lock screen only showed one notification, which had to be accessed by unlocking the device. However, but that has changed in iOS 10 public beta version. You are now allowed to customize it as you see fit. You can add widgets, your favorite contacts, your calendar, events, and much more to your lock screen. Apple has left the choice completely up to you.

You Can Finally Delete Default Apps

The stock apps that stayed in your iPhone whether you wanted them or not are finally going away. As seen in the public beta, you will be getting complete control over the default apps – you can keep them if you want or you can get rid of them altogether.

Integrated Browsers

If you were using internet on your MacBook and suddenly had to leave the room, then whatever you were doing, you will be able to continue doing on your iPhone, courtesy of iOS 10. The transition is plain and simple. You just have to integrate your smartphone with your computer, laptop or MacBook, and then you can use the browser on both devices simultaneously.

Know Where Your Parked Your Car

Have you been stuck in a parking lot, looking for your car? I know I have and it is not a good feeling. You think that you are in the right spot and go over there again and again, but with no luck, until you realize that you are in the wrong place, and shamefully walk to where you actually did park your car. However, this huge problem is all set to become history as shown by iOS 10 beta. Now your iPhone will be keeping track of your car and as soon as you stop it, it would mark the location. So if you park your car in a parking lot and forget where it is, just look at your phone and it’ll tell you.

Send Selfies Straight from iMessage

iMessage was restricted to chats only, but that’s not going to be a case for much longer as iOS 10 will allow you to send your pictures to anyone without much of a hassle.

New Search Options for Photos

Finding photos in your huge Gallery has been made a whole lot easier with new search options iOS 10 beta. Now you can search the albums by location or specific person. If you are looking to see photos of someone, just tap on their name and you will be shown pictures in which they are present. Location works in a similar way. Just type in the name of the location, and all the pictures related to it will show up in front of you.

First-Party Keyboard is Finally Here

iPhone always relied heavily on third-party keyboards for emoji and GIFs, but that won’t be the case after you update to iOS 10 beta. Apple has introduced its own keyboard that allows you to send emoji and GIFs, removing the need for third-party keyboard altogether.

There are other minor changes and additions here and there which bring much needed freshness to the iPhones. The new features work really well and are quite user-friendly. However, these great features have been accompanied by a few bugs, which hopefully would be sorted out before the final release. So, if you can’t wait to get your hands on iOS 10, then go right ahead and download the public beta right away. However, if you are too cautious and don’t want to put your device at risk, then it’s better to wait until all the issues are taken care of and the final release is here.

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