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These iOS 10 Beta Problems are Pretty Annoying

iOS 10 beta is now available publicly and most of the Apple users have downloaded it. However, not all of them have been able to enjoy the slew of new features because of some iOS 10 beta problems.

One of the biggest issues that users have been facing is the unstable browsing on Safari. It usually works really well but after the new update, it has started to crash and works really slow, hence ruining the overall experience.

Another problem that users have encountered is regarding the passcode. A prompt comes up asking users to change their password every three days. It is still unclear whether it is an added feature by Apple or just another issue.

There are some other bugs as well that are causing slowness, restarts, and random crashes.

So, if you want your experience to be absolutely perfect on iOS 10, then we’d advise you to wait until it is officially out of the beta.