iOS 11.0.2 Doesn’t Fix the Mess Created by iOS 11

Apple just can’t get a break since the launch of iOS 11. The original release of the new update brought a ton of new problems to the table, and while tech giant tried its best to fix most of them in the update 11.0.1, it wasn’t successful. The update just added more issues, which only meant one thing. Another update 11.0.2 was created and it was supposed to fix the problems of the first two patches, but it hasn’t done its job either. Worst part is that just like the previous update, it adds more issues rather than fixing the ones that were already there. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook are filled with people complaining about the new update and they have every right to do so.

Apple products don’t come cheap and when the updates are so bad that instead of improving the experience, they make it an annoyance, then users should complain. Apple support has been incredibly busy since the release of iOS 11 as it has constantly been answering people queries about all sorts of things. No actual fix has been provided just yet, but the tech giant is advising people to stay patient, and people listened. They waited until the 11.0.1 but when that didn’t help, users lost their mind and spammed Apple’s twitter account asking about the problems that they were facing on regular basis. Apple assured that they will be fixed in the update 11.0.2, but that’s not really true.

Major Issues

Before the release of 11.0.2, the users were facing wide array of problems, but the real major issues were poor performance and degraded battery timings. The phones which were able to last easily for a day, couldn’t even last for more than 5-6 hours, which naturally became an annoyance for the users. The performance took a big hit as well, which was unforgivable.

As mentioned above, Apple products don’t come cheap, and people pay that amount so that they can get the premium performance. However, since the iOS 11 release, performance has been shaky to say the least, as users are facing slowdowns, lag, and crashing of the apps. All of these are huge issues and causing a lot of problems for the users. It has reached a point where most of the people have started to revert back to the old iOS but if you haven’t already done that, then you are out of luck.

No More Reverting Back

Apple has made it so that you can’t revert back. Previously, there were no restrictions and users were allowed to upgrade and downgrade at will. However, that won’t be happening anymore as Apple has stopped allowing it. So, the people who downgraded and avoided the issues are the lucky ones. If you didn’t revert back before, then you are out of luck, you will have to stick with bad performance, degraded battery and other problems, and hope that Apple will get rid of them.

The issues arise with almost every Apple update, but this one seems to have done a lot of damage, more than any of the previous updates. People trusted the tech giant, so the number of people who updated are more than they’ve been before, which means that a lot of iOS users are currently going through the same issues as you. 11.0.2 update was supposed to fix these issues, but it hasn’t really done anything.

Patch 11.0.2

People were hoping that patch 11.0.2 will finally get rid of the problems that arose with iOS 11 update, but sadly, that didn’t happen either. It does take care of some of the smaller issues like iPhone 8 users hearing crackling sounds during the calls. Furthermore, it fixes the problem where the Photos became hidden without any indication whatsoever. Attachments in S/MIME encrypted emails didn’t open for some people, but thankfully that issue has been fixed as well. The bigger issues however still remain at large and people’s annoyance is just not going away and that’s understandable. They pay a hefty amount for the products and when the services promised aren’t delivered, then that is bound to aggravate them.

Not only the updates aren’t delivering, the performance is getting worse with each update. Slowdowns and crashes are now occurring on regular basis, which is downright ridicules. Apple has released broken updates in the past, but it seems that iOS 11 is the worst of the bunch. Quality assurance and testing departments at Apple really need to step up their game because issues like performance degradation and reduced battery timings should not be happening in the modern day.

Expect More Updates Soon

We have already received three updates in the period of 14 days, so expect Apple to churn out more patches in the coming days to get rid of the problems that have been plaguing their devices lately. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users are a victim of this new update. The iOS 11 update wasn’t bringing a lot of changes, which was another big reason why people jumped on to it without giving it a second thought. There weren’t any major changes or additions, so users expected that it will be safer, but they were proved wrong. If you haven’t already updated to the new iOS, then it is recommended that you keep it that way because that’s the only way to ensure your safety.

Don’t Update to Upcoming Patches

I know you are waiting for the upcoming patches to fix the issues that you’ve been facing. However, it is advised that you update before reading up on the patch. Make sure that it is without any further problems. You wouldn’t want to make your iOS device even more broken. This is why, it is advised that you wait for a couple of day after the update’s release, and check what other people are saying about it online. If the problems you are facing aren’t fixed in the patch, then it is better to ignore it altogether. However, if it does get rid of the issues, then read up online, and if the impressions are positive, then feel free to download the update.

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