Apple releases 8.4 beta to developers

iOS 8.4 Beta is Out

Work on the new iOS v8.4 has already begun and it has been made available to developers in its beta form.

Just a few days after releasing iOS v8.3, Apple has set its sights on iOS v8.4. The upcoming version of iOS is currently under development and has entered into its beta.

One of the major features coming to iOS with the upcoming version is a fresh look for the popular music player.

Most of the changes that have been made to music player are borrowed from iTunes. This new look of the music player will allow you to switch between the songs even when you are browsing, as there will be a mini-music player attached to the side.

Furthermore, there will be iTunes Radio interface that you will help you discover new songs without too much trouble.

It’s good to see Apple constantly making changes in the iOS. Just a few days ago, iOS v8.3 was released which brought in a ton of changes, the most notable of which was the addition of multi-racial emojis.

At the moment, iOS v8.4 has only been made available to the developers, but you can expect it go public after Apple has officially unveiled all of its new features at the upcoming conference.


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