iOS 9: Is this the Right Time to Upgrade

iOS 9 recently made its way to the iPhones and iPads. As expected, this update brought in a ton of new features and enhancements to the Apple products, but some people are still skeptical about it and are wondering whether they should go for the update or not. Their skepticism is not without merit as the launch of iOS 8 was dismal as it came in with a large number of issues and forced a lot of users to switch back to the previous version. So, is the launch of iOS 9 smoother than the previous one or this one also comes in with major concerns – let’s dig in.


First and foremost, we have to say that Apple did learn their lesson from the previous update and the results speak for themselves. Most of the features brought in with the new update work perfectly fine and some of the bugs that are present aren’t that big and will be sorted out sooner rather than later.


iOS 9 delivers on almost every front, as almost every single app available on the platform has been improved. One of the most used features on iOS is Siri, and it was obvious that it would receive a major overhaul as well. Siri now works 40% faster and is 40% more powerful. It now listens to what the user is saying more effectively and the searches also happen at a faster speed. Users who’ve accustomed to Siri will certainly love this improvement.

Improved Search

There’s a new and enhanced search feature as well. Swiping left on the home screen will now take you to the home screen where you will be able to search easily with some help from Siri. This means that the navigating through the menus is gone for good and you will be able do your searches without too much of a problem.


Battery has always been a big issue for the Apple products users. It runs out way sooner than the users would like. However, things have changed with the iOS 9 update as there’s a new low power mode, which, when activated, will drop the screen brightness, decrease the frequency of downloads, and more to allow the phone to last a bit longer than usual.

Most of the major changes and improvements brought in with the iOS 9 update have been discussed above, but there are a large number of minor enhancements as well. All of these combine to provide an amazing experience to the users. There’s no need to worry any more. You should upgrade to the latest version of iOS right away.