Apple has rolled out iOS 9 Update

iOS 9 Update Has Finally Launched

It brings a slew of new features to enhance the users’ experience.

The long awaited iOS 9 update for Apple products has been launched and it has brought along some exciting new features. Those of you who downloaded the iOS 8 update on day one experienced a whole lot of issues, but thankfully this launch is way smoother and all the features brought with it get to work immediately.

The first feature that you will notice right away is the battery improvement which will now last you for an hour or so more. This is a coveted feature for users who have to use their phones on regular basis but can’t use their batteries.

Another new addition is the enhanced search screen which will show you your top contacts, relevant apps, and local news.

A lot of effort has also been put into the messaging notifications. Now all of the messaging notifications will show chronologically on your screen, and there will be a quick reply option that will enable you to reply without opening the app.

The built-in Newsstand, which probably didn’t manage to gain much popularity, has been removed. This means that all the news apps like New Yorker and New York Times will once again become normal apps.

Some hidden features have also arrived with the update, which will certainly improve users’ experience.


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