iphone 5 can wait cause here comes iphone 4s

i phone 4s

The wait for the next iphone is over, cause after 16 months from the launch of its predecessor the iPhone 4, here come iphone 4s cutting end to the rumors about the new version of iphone or about iphone 5.

well so whats new in the new iphone . well the first reviews were disappointed one as the new version failed the design expectations of many users as there was no wider display with may be an end to the home button. well still the new version is way to ahead of the competitor with some cool  features. lets check whats new in this new version of iphone

shiri – the personal voice assistant

ever dreamed of talking to a gadget ? well shiri bring this dream alive . at the launch even , the apple executive asked shiri will i have to take rain coat when i go out today, and it responded with  sir their is chances of rain. this is prooves what shiri can do, its not a simple voice control interface , but something that will interpret what you have asked and respond until you get the answer you want.shiri enables speech to text while sending sms or typing something on your iphone , call , control notification all with power of voice

Dual core A-5 chip

this is the most powerful i phone chip ever and this will really make iphone stand out from its competitors. you can feel the power of this chip at each second when you use the phone wile playing games, launching apps and for almost  everything you do. this deliver 2 time more power and 7 times more faster graphics and also make iphone have an excellent battery life

may be the end to point to point cameras

4s gives you and 8 px camera which is 60% more pixels than previous version. this camera is engineered to grasp more  light and give you stunning shots so that you won’t need to carry your camera around with you.

iphone 4s also features 1080 px hd video recording , powered with awesome lighting, better shake resistance and more vivid colors. video recording from this device be an all new experience .

ios5 and icloud

ios 5 the best mobile operating system on planet is coming with 200+ features and improvements which will make your gadget life more fun. twitter integration, notification area etc are some of the coolest new features coming on this latest version of ios

icloud backs up your content to the cloud so that its safe and also pushes this content seamlessly through your devices . you can enjoy the pics you took on your iphone on your macbook and so forth with out any hazzles .

iphone 4s features

other important info are

iphone 4s will offer a 40 hour battery life while listening music, 10 hour for viewing video,9 hour of wifi and 6 hour for 3g browzing,8 and 14 hour talk time on 3g and 2g respectively.it handles gsm and cdma so it should work well in most countries of world.also this model be available in both black and white version

iphones 4s will cost around $199 for 16 gb , $299 for 32 gb and $399 for 64gb .and will be offered in us by AT&t,verizon and sprint.

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