iPhone 7 Explosion Incident Has Everyone on Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster, literally. It exploded a ton of times and even forced the tech giant to call up all of its shipments. iPhone 7 seemed to be faring well, but recently, a teen reported an iPhone 7 explosion incident in Arizona.

An Apple user claims that her latest iteration of iPhone exploded while she was asleep. It was an isolated incident so there’s nothing to worry about. However, Apple has stated that it will still look into this iPhone 7 explosion incident and will try to find its cause.

With Samsung, the issues were frequent and even after releasing the improved version, nothing really changed. iPhone 7 on the other hand, comes with a better infrastructure, so this incident isn’t likely to happen. There must have been specific circumstances that would have caused the device to explode. Once Apple knows what those circumstances were, they will most likely advice the public about it. As for now, there is no need to worry, your iPhone 7 is safe.

If you are too worried however, then you can get rid of your phone now and wait for iPhone 8, which will be hitting the market this year and according to several rumors, it is going to include a lot of changes.

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