iphone 7 pro

iPhone 7 Pro Leaked Image Shows Dual-Lens Camera System

A couple of new pictures leaked by Nowhere Else show all three iterations of iPhone 7 together. The first one of course is the regular edition, second one is a large screened iPhone 7 Plus, and the third version is said to be called iPhone 7 Pro.

We knew about its existence, but it’s the first time we have laid eyes on iPhone 7 Pro. The picture which you can see above clearly shows that this new offering comes with dual-lens camera system.

This system is usually found in the modern day DSLRs and can help improve the background defocusing. Furthermore, it helps take good pictures in locations where the lighting is pretty dim. It can also enhance HDR performance and fidelity of colors in photos.

If iPhone 7 Pro dual-lens camera does become a reality, then it will become a go-to smartphone for the photo fanatics. If you like to take a lot of pictures yourself, then you should also keep an eye out for iPhone 7 Pro.

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