iPhone 7 Lightning Pods

iPhone 7 Wireless Lightning Pods Can Be Bought Indvidually

Apple just announced that it will be getting rid of the headphone jack in iPhone 7, and they will be replaced by wireless lightning pods. As expected, not a lot of people like this idea, but if you’re an Apple user, you have to live with it. To make things easier however, Apple will make iPhone 7 lightning pods available for purchase at each of its store and you can buy them individually.

So, if one of your ear pods stops working, then you don’t have to buy the whole thing – you can just replace the broken part. People are quite angry with Apple for removing 3.5mm jack, but this move will certainly soften the blow.

If you are not bothered by the changes brought in with iPhone 7, then you can get your hands on it starting next week when it releases in North America.


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