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iPhone Passcode Can Now be Hacked for Mere $100

About six months back, Apple and FBI were clashing. FBI wanted Apple to provide a backdoor for all of their devices, but the tech giant didn’t budge. CEO Tim Cook at that time said “providing a backdoor undermines the very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect.”

Apple’s stance has remained the same during these six months, but their passcode security measure isn’t worth as much anymore. A Cambridge computer scientist Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov has managed to crack iPhone passcode, and he is willing to provide this service to others for mere $100.

This certainly makes things easier for the FBI as they don’t have to rely on Apple anymore. However, the process of cracking isn’t as simple as the scientist has made it out to be. Hacking a 4-digit passcode took him around 40 hours, and a 6-digit code would take even more.

The timing here is the biggest issue but Dr. Skorobogatov believes that with some modification, he will be able to reduce it and will also be able to crack the most recent models including iPhone 6.

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