Is facebook going to charge you for usage ?

Recently again i started spotting messages on my friends wall about facebook going to charge you for using their service. But serious is there any truth behind this “facebook charging” topic ? Is our worst fear, our favorite hand out going to make us pay for each second we spent there, going to be real ?

why is this topic rising up again ?

the reason behind the facebook going to charge you hype is just because of the news of facebook releasing an all new version of their profile. this change is going to be one of the biggest alterations facebook ever going to put forward for its can check out more about facebook time line here .

but let me assure you , this got nothing to be feared of its just all new feature release, not a new plan to charge you for using the service

why won’t facebook ever charge you ?

first of all right on the front page of facebook its stated that the service will be free forever. and you think they will lie about that to their 600 million+ users ? .now why facebook won’t charge you ever is mainly because its all about user number. if facebook goes to a premium service the number of users going to fall down to less than 50%. another reason is there already exists a lot of free social network competitors.

well and its not like you all don’t know that facebook is already a company driving a lot of profit. their revenues comes from adverts, their is facebook credits and also facebook gets a cut from all the payments you make on your favourite social games. so seriously facebook don’t need member payments to thrive. actually if they start a membership based on monthly price, i think their profit is going to go down.

so the answer is

facebook is not going to charge you for using it .also guys do you believe a social network of its class need you to spread messages on your wall or to contact list to know that your account it active ?. they do record all your login session and all other data and clearly knows all info about you. so don’t fall for this dump forwarded mails or wall posts scams telling you to circulate the message for your account not to be deleted. happy facebooking

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