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K9 Web Protection: Safe Internet Experience is Not a Myth

K9 Web Protection is among the most impressive parental control software available today, offering a handful of features from monitoring internet activity to blocking inappropriate websites. Although it’s pretty user-friendly and consequently ideal for parents who are not too technically-versed, there are quite a few things that must be considered before putting faith into this software. To help you decide whether K9 Web Protection is worthy of your time and trust, we’ve reviewed it in detail.

Monitor Browsing History

Now you can know what your kids really do online, whether they use internet for good purposes or bad, what types of websites they visit most, and how long they visit them, all thanks to the browser monitoring feature of this software. It works quite nicely, giving you a pretty good idea of your child’s online habits.

Monitor Social Media Activities

Kids use social media frequently to keep in touch with friends. Unfortunately, it is also the birthplace of cyberbullying and various other cyber crimes, which is why parents must keep an eye on these social platforms. A major weakness of K9 Web Protection software is that it cannot monitor the social media accounts, including friend lists, chat, uploaded images, etc. Even though you can block the social media website as a whole to stop kids from using them, you cannot get access to its content.

Block Applications

Just like websites, some applications also contain inappropriate material that is not safe for kids. The best way to stop kids from downloading these applications is to block them. K9 Web Protection does not give you the leverage to block applications, which means your kids are exposed to online threats in the form of cheap apps containing adult content.

Block Inappropriate Websites

This software allows you to block any website you want, and even lets you block the whole category. This will block all the websites that falls under that particular category. This means that there is no chance of inappropriate content reaching the screen of your kid’s device. You just have to block the websites and leave the rest to the software.


If you are looking for software that can log SMS and MMS on your kid’s smartphone, then you should find some other parental control software as K9 Web Protection doesn’t offer this feature.

Has User-Friendly Interface

You can monitor the online activities of your young ones in the form of simple charts, patterns and diagrams, making it easier for you to review them. You can read the reports to check the list of blocked websites, internet activity, blocking effects, safe search options, etc.

Manage Device Usage Time

K9 Web Protection lets you control your kid’s access to the internet, thus allowing you to ensure that your kid is not ignoring important things like physical activity, studies and sleep because of it. The good thing is that you can change the settings any time you want. In addition to setting a weekly, daily or hourly schedule for using internet, you can also try its NightGuard mode which keeps kids from using internet at night.

Track Location

Sometimes, kids do not come home on time, leaving parents worried. A good parental control app lets you know where your kids are by tracking their device location. Unfortunately, this feature is missing in K9 Web Protection software.

Supported Platforms

K9 Web Protection software can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It is highly advised installing it on all the devices that are in personal use of kids in order to make sure that they are protected on all platforms.


Even though, K9 Web Protection lack several features like per-user settings, social media monitoring and remote configuration, yet it still offers a considerable amount of peace of mind to parents concerned about their kids’ online safety.

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