kaspersky internet security for android review

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: Protecting Your Device on the Go

Kaspersky Internet Security is an interesting solution if you are trying to make sure that your Android stays safe from digital threats. Even if you buy it as a standalone product it can be integrated with Kaspersky Internet Security — Multi-Device, so this can be a holistic solution to the malware and virus problem which is offered at almost half the cost of the competitors.

Real Time Protection

Real time protection is the need of the hour for anyone who needs a smooth experience. The app will allow you to go about your business and do whatever you want while you stay protected. It checks every file that is launched or loaded onto the device instantaneously without slowing the device down.


Unlike some of its competitors the app comes with a firewall that helps monitor and block suspicious and malicious networks. You do have to pick your preferred security level and depending on that the efficiency of the firewall also changes.

Web Shield

Kaspersky allows you to pick the browser you use the most and then makes sure that it stays protected. In fact, the browser will launch from the app itself so that you know that you’re protected. It blocks malicious websites constantly, however, if you go looking for trouble and click on suspicious links then even the app can’t help you.

App Manager

Internet Security, the feature that helps you scan apps, will actually stay on the lookout for trouble once the app is installed on your phone. So anytime you’re downloading an app or a file you get a sharp notification (even when the phone is on silent). While this may be useful for some, it could annoy others. In fact the app manager can get pretty annoying. If you decide ignore a warning and press skip, any scans that take place thereafter will continue to flag it. You also won’t find much on what makes an app dangerous.

Remote Locking & Anti-Theft

Losing your phone somewhere or having it stolen is the worst possible thing that could happen. While Kaspersky is meant to protect you from digital threats it can help minimize problems that stem from these two situations too.

Remote commands can be sent to the device from the Kaspersky website, and you can text them to the device as well. You can lock it, wipe it, and even track it. It’s also possible to sound the alarm on your device remotely and take a picture of the person using your phone. While these features are handy, they don’t often work at top efficiency. For instance, the alarm doesn’t always work. Moreover, finding commands that can be sent through texts can get a bit complicated and you’ll have to read the fine print to understand how to do it.

The one thing that is great is that you get to pick what data you want erased from your phone. Often people try to ignore this option because they can’t fathom their entire data getting wiped, but what if they could choose what to delete? Very useful feature, indeed.

Installation Help

While it isn’t rocket science to download the app, but if there are parts of the process that you find daunting head over to http://support.kaspersky.com/8773#block2. You should be able to find a complete help manual in addition to the installation guide.

Regular Updates

If you want to check how effective any security tool is have a look at how often it updates. Kaspersky Internet Security updates often and does so automatically. So even if you forget to update the app it’ll download the latest virus and malware definitions and continue protecting your device.

Customer Support

When in doubt the first thing any of us do is look for customer support. Kaspersky’s customer support for the Kaspersky Internet Security can be found here, or you can check out our guide for setting up Kaspersky mobile security app.

Premium Features

Features such as privacy protection, filters for texts and calls, etc, are all premium features and cannot be availed on the free version.


Devices that are running on Android 2.3-4.4 will be able to make full use of Kaspersky Internet Security. Any versions other than these sadly cannot run the app.


A free version is up for grabs for all Android users. However, if you feel the need for a little something extra, you can get your hands on a premium version with extra features.

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