KOSS QZ-77 Noise Cancellation Earplugs

Human beings are not interested to hear the unwanted sounds from the surroundings because of their disturbing nature. The noise reducing QZ77 headphone will help to reduce the noise input to the ear. It is an in-ear design, with memory foam earplugs to help reduce sound. The QZ77 headphone phone features both Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) technology which eliminate harmful and unwanted noise while still providing the ultimate in stereo sound.

KOSS QZ77 Noise Cancellation Earplugs

 Due to the presence of of wanted sound the concentration of the work may lost and even some unwanted sounds may be very noisy which leads to headache or other problems.In order to overcome these kind of problems the QZ77 headhone is very helpful.

Technologies using in QZ77 headphone are

The ANR technology utilizes tiny microphones embedded in the ear piece. These microphones sample the surrounding low-frequency noise and transmit information about those undesirable sounds to a processing circuit. The processing circuit, in turn, generates mirror image “anti-waves” that are 180 degrees out of phase and relays those anti-waves back to the headphone. This is the technology using in the noise cancelling headphone.

KOSS Q277 Noise suppressing or reducing earphone

The important use of this QZ77 headphone is that it will prevent the unwanted the sound from the surrounding to the ear.The working mechanism of this product is the very simple. The offending hum and buzz is reduced and a peaceful listening environment is created where once there was noise. Low frequency noise below 1000 Hz, such as jet, bus or automotive engines, is reduced by an average of 10 dB. Noise reduction is even greater for noise below 200 Hz, offering a 15 dB of protection against low frequency noise. Designed after another popular Koss model, The Plug, the stereo earbud features a dynamic element that is positioned just outside the ear.

The NC kit takes one AAA sized battery, and comes equipped with a volume dial, an on/off slider and a green LED light to indicate when it’s on.There is also the slip-on clamp.When it is switched on, the circuit doesn’t over-amplify sound.Sound reproduction is great.The element is connected to a tubular port structure that is inserted on a soft expandable cushion into the ear canal. Soft foam “memory” cushions expand for a custom fit to improve isolation and enhance deep bass and treble clarity. The mids are pretty okay but the highs are annoying. This is one of the major problem of the product.The technologies that Utilising the product are PNS and ANR noise reduction technologies.The PNS fit and mechanical design of the headphone to reduce noise is known as Passive Noise Reduction (PNR).The Active noise reduction (ANR) circuit reduces low frequency noise the PNR reduces high and mid frequencies so music and voice can be heard in absolute clarity.

                                     KOSS QZ-77 earplug pics, photo price , specifications                              KOSS QZ-77 Noise suppression earplug

The major drawbacks of the product are

Even though the sound reducing headphone is having a number of advantages it also having some disadvantages too.The main complaint is about the sound reproduction.Users are saying that the sound reproduction is not all pretty great.The lows aren’t as effective either and hurts the eardrum after over half an hour of usage.The maket price of the product is 4500 rupees.

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