– How to Get Started and its Features

Music is an influencial part of most of our guys lives. even when the ipods and music enabled phones rule our musical world , most often we find our selof listening music even while working on a pc or typing out a document. Well and we depend of music players for that. hmm the major music players which we use are mainly our good old windows media player or itunes. But one thing that this players lack is the ability to store up our listening histories and analyze it to provide us with suggestion.

Lastfm is a site which aims in storing up your listening prefereances and use it to provide us with artist suggestion and new songs to listen . The service is a free one for starter plans like , for storing up the listening histories and organizing it into libraries . It also allows pretty cheap (all you can eat) listening plans which allow you to pay a small amount of fee and listen to all the new songs that your favourite artists creates.

let me break down  last fm into submodules.


1) You can start using the service by signing up with an email address and also by selecting a desired username. The username acts as your identity throughout your site.
2) Next up is downloading and installing the scrobbler software. this software helps last fm to log your music files on computer and record your listening activities. After downloading scrobbler , you need to let it search for the plugins suited for your music player.

3) Now just enable the scrobbling option and now last fm can know what your are currently listening to. uses this data to know your favourite songs and then suggest your related songs . It also let your track the events related with that artist. Last fm also feature artists radios which enable users to listen to songs related to particular artist.



  • For paid users it alloes downloading of songs and also premium radios.
  • Last fm also provides you with detailed graphs about your listening history and preferences.
  • Another major feature of last fm is the social element which allows you to know what your friends are listening currently to or let your friends know what you are currently listening to .
  • Last fm also features applications for iphone, android devices and also for palm os or symbian devices. this enables you to scrobble your music history from this devices.

So i hope all of you will give it a try to last fm and enjoy scrobbling.