Apple facing a Class Action Lawsuit over iOS 9

Lawsuit Filed Against Apple for False Advertising and Deceptive Trade Practices

The plaintiffs have made some serious accusations and Apple will have to come out with its big guns to tackle them.

Apple is hit with a class action lawsuit where it is being accused of deceptive trade practices and false advertising by the users of older versions of iPhones. People who filed the lawsuit claim that iOS 9 was said to be compatible with older iPhone devices, particularly iPhone 4S, but that’s not the case. It interferes with the performance of the phone and the worst part is that Apple doesn’t even allow them to downgrade to previous versions of iOS.

This lawsuit currently has over 100 backers and some of them even stated that their iPhone 4S has become essentially useless since they updated to iOS 9. That’s not all though, as they are also blaming Apple for knowing how it would affect the older devices and still didn’t do anything to change that. The plaintiffs argue that Apple could have at least informed the users of the problems that iOS 9 may bring to the older iPhones.

It doesn’t end here as plaintiffs claim that Apple released this broken update for the older versions so that the users will purchase their latest offerings. They are arguing that people who have gotten accustomed to using Apple’s devices are far less likely to go for Android, and since Apple knew that, it capitalized on it by releasing a broken update.


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