project tango smartphone by lenovo

Lenovo and Google Partner for First Project Tango Smartphone

The smartphone costs under $500 and will hit the market this summer.

Google’s Project Tango is finally expected to see the light of day after Lenovo revealed its plan to partner with Google for creating the first Project Tango smartphone. It will be the first consumer-ready smartphone manufactured by Lenovo. The device will cost under $500 and feature a screen of “less than 6.5 inches”.

Google and Lenovo shared the plan this Thursday at CES 2016. According to both the tech giants, the smartphone will be launched globally this summer.

Project Tango was introduced two years back. It is a revolutionary 3D-aware technology that aims to bring augmented reality to smartphones by enabling them to know about their surroundings. It will use computer vision software and various sensors to give users a unique experience.

Google has invited app developers to share unique app ideas for the upcoming smartphone. The best apps will be featured on Lenovo’s smartphone at the time of its release.


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