Lenovo Launches World’s First 3D-Sensing Smartphone

Google gave birth to Tango technology, which it believed would bring 3D-sensing to smartphones all over the globe. Initial reaction was pretty slow, but Lenovo picked up on the tech and started working on a smartphone with integrated Tango technology.

Today, both Google and Lenovo were pleased to announce that the work on this 3D-sensing mobile phone has been done and it is named Phab2 Pro. It will come equipped with Project Tango 3D technology, allowing its cameras and sensors to take advantage of augmented reality applications.

Your life will become a whole lot easier with this type of phone as it has brings a ton of added benefits. For example, you can download an app called Lowe’s Vision and it will allow you to see how new furniture and appliances will look in your home before you even buy them. There are AR games available as well, which are quite different than the rest.

This dive in completely new direction has certainly opened up new opportunities, and it will be pretty interesting to see what developers come up with for these gadgets.

Phab2 Pro costs $499 and is available for purchase right now. It is the only 3D-sensing phone available in the market right now but Google assures that it has partnered up with other tech giants as well and will be introducing other Tango tech smartphones in the near future.