LG G4 starts to roll out globally

LG G4 begins Rolling out Worldwide

The latest offering from LG will be available in all countries by the end of next month.

LG lifted the curtains off its upcoming iteration “G4” last month and as of today, it has started to roll out globally.

Initially, it would release in native Korea and then it will make its way to Hong Kong. After that, LG will start to expand G4 to different countries including Russia, Singapore and Turkey.

Those of you living in countries other than the ones mentioned above will be able to get your hands on G4 next month as LG assures that it will be available worldwide by the end of next month.

LG is not taking a big leap with G4, but it does come with some incredible features. First, the display uses new quantum display technology that provides more sharpness. Then there’s the redesigned 16 megapixels camera that comes with a larger sensor. The secondary camera is also pretty handy as it delivers up to 8 megapixels.

Moreover, the design has received a major overhaul that allows users to easily handle it with one hand.

The price, just like any other smartphone, will vary according to the region. But some reports are suggesting that G4 will retail at around $600.


Image Courtesy: wheelsandchips.com