Everything You Need to Know About LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone

All LG fans can finally rejoice and take a reassuring sigh because LG’s new flagship smartphone, LG G7 ThinQ is making its way very soon.

Back in 2017, LG marveled everyone with its G6 smartphone. Be its splendid design, enormous display size, incredible wide-angle camera, and excellent performance, G6 won hearts all over the mobile consumer market, overshadowing its less popular predecessor, G5, and bringing the company back to a top level again.

When it came to the next top-of-the-line smartphone, LG would have felt massively under pressure as the company knew they had to outdo their previous handset. Fortunately, it seems everything may go in LG’s favour because their new flagship smartphone, LG G7 looks quite promising.

LG G7 ThinQ – Here’s What You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about LG G7 ThinQ so far.

Release Date and Price

The release date of LG G7 was nebulous for the most time but after taking a lot of time, with speculations making the rounds, LG has now confirmed that LG G7 will be announced on 2nd May 2018 in New York. Though it still hasn’t been declared by the company that when people will be able to purchase the smartphone but as per the rumor mill, it will be out in the market around mid-May.

LG knows that their new offering is a little behind the competition with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, Apple iPhone X, Huawei P20 and P20 Pro and Sony Xperia XZ2. However, as per the rumors, LG G7 is also less expensive compared to the other flagships we’ve just mentioned with a price believed to be set at $90. Having said that, LG has to bring out a better product than its competitors to make an everlasting mark among the consumers.


A leaked render of LG G7 has shown off the design and five colourways the smartphone will apparently be launched in. The colors are said to be called Aurora Black, Platinum Grey, Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blue (Matt), and Raspberry Rose.

LG G7 design

Now coming to the design, it seems to have an all-screen glass front with only a notch at the top of the screen. The back is supposedly plain glass, housing a fingerprint scanner and a dual-lens camera. The front screen looks almost bezel-free.

If we happen to look closely at the leaked images of LG G7, we come to see that it has a slightly rounded metal frame with a power button on the right side and an AI button on the left which is believed to be a dedicated Google Assistant button, allowing you to reach Google easily and quickly. The news of LG G7 having an AI button was first published on CNET. For your information, LG’s competitor, Samsung has already featured a similar button known as Bixby button in Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.

All in all, the design of G7 looks almost similar to G6, with only exceptions of having a vertical rather than a horizontal camera, smaller bezels around the screen and a notch at the top.


According to the leaks we have gathered about LG G7, we come to know that there will be two 16MP cameras on the back of the smartphone; one will be a wide-angle camera, offering a 107-degree field of view and the other will be a normal one offering an f/1.6 aperture.

The major highlight of the camera might be its low light skills as the phone is set to have a ‘Bright Mode’ which has the ability to detect when the lighting is bad and then forms a ‘superpixel’ by combining pixels to give brighter images.

The phone is set to have several modes in the camera that includes a manual mode, a live photo mode and a portrait mode which creates a bokeh effect – the effect of a soft out-of-focus background in a picture. This effect can be created with the portrait mode by using either the front or the rear camera.

Lg G7 camera

With AI integration embedded in this phone, you may be able to detect what kind of scene you’re shooting and recommend the suitable camera settings for it. Apparently, you may also be allowed to insert 2D and 3D stickers to the images captured from the phone’s camera.

As far as the video camera is concerned, it is said to be able to shoot HDR10 videos which you will be able to watch in its full glory on the screen compatible with HDR10.


So far, we have been able to hear that LG G7 is going to have a Snapdragon 845 chipset, offering 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. As per some earlier leaks, one source even claimed that LG has been working with Qualcomm to ensure their new flagship makes use of the Snapdragon 845 chipset.

This revelation could make sense as many people criticized G7’s predecessor, G6 for using outdated Snapdragon 821. Surely, it seems LG is not going to repeat the same mistake.

LG will be trying its level best to bring out a powerful phone in the form of LG G7 this year which may be equivalent, if not better, to its competitors.


As of now, the only news about its price, availability, design, camera, and storage have come out. Nothing has been said about the battery life of LG G7 yet. We need to wait a bit more to have details for this section.

All things said and if rumors and leaks circulating around LG G7 ThinQ are to be believed, apparently LG has recently started working on G7 from the scratch, most probably dumping all the progress that had been made, so it’s quite possible that some of what we’ve heard and discussed in this post may no longer be true. Having said that, most rumors have come in the limelight quite recently, indicating not all of the features we’ve discussed may be skipped from LG G7. Let’s wait and watch until LG launches the phone in the market next month.