LG previews World's Thinnest 3D OLED TV

LG Unveils World’s Thinnest TV

The 3D OLED TV weighs less than three pounds and can be attached to any wall with ease.

At the press event that took place in Korea yesterday, LG revealed the thinnest TV Panel to date. It comes with a 55-inch display, but surprisingly weighs almost as much as a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Due to its lighter weight, users will be able to hang it on the wall using a special magnetic mat.

All the tech giants working on TVs have come up with some amazing OLED designs, but they were not nearly as thin as this newly unveiled model from LG.

The only downside to this TV is that it’s not available for sale just yet. It was only displayed so that LG can show the world what they have got lined up for their fans in the near future.

The design of this new TV looks amazing and will surely attract a lot of consumers. However, no details are provided about its features, so you might want to hold on to your excitement until LG officially releases its newest OLED in the market.


Image Courtesy: cnet.com