LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sports [Review]

Sports watches are quite popular amongst the masses these days and rightly so. People want to stay healthy and these watches are a great solution for that. They keep tabs on user’s heart rate, their footsteps, their activities, and so much more. LG Watch Sports deliver on all aspects that have made them so popular. Firstly, it is water and dust resistant. Secondly, it has a bigger display that allows you to see everything pretty clearly. The Android apps are present as well and they function brilliantly as well. 4G LTE’s presence is a necessity and LG Watch Sports comes equipped with it as well. All in all, it is an amazing new addition to the market. If you have been holding out for a better version of sports watch, then this is definitely worth it.


Instead of regular square-designed smart watches, LG has opted for round design which makes it look like an actual watch, and makes the display a bit larger as well. This enables people to easily read anything that comes up on the watch. You can easily call people and read the text messages. Although this feature is present in other smart watches as well, it just isn’t refined. Due to larger screen, everything is easier to read and navigate through.

Music Streaming

You no longer have to download every single song you want to hear as music streaming apps have been added into LG Watch Sports. This allows you to stream your favorite kind of music endlessly without worrying about changing the tracks. It’s easy and convenient.

Google Fit

Google Fit has been integrated into the Watch so all of your activity is automatically recorded in the app as it lets you know how much walked, how your heart rate fluctuated, etc. All of this is necessary information these days and people like to keep track of it. With LG Watch Sports, you can achieve this goal without much of a problem.

Wireless Charging

As amazing as smart watches are, they lack in battery timing. You have to be very careful about their usage otherwise the battery drains quickly and you have to recharge them. Thankfully, LG has included wireless charging station with LG Watch Sports that allows you to charge the device without having to connect it anywhere. It was a much needed feature and now that LG has taken the first step, I hope that other manufacturers do the same.

Integrated Apps

Google Fit has been mentioned above, but that’s not the only app LG Watch Sports comes equipped with it. It also includes Android Pay, Smart Reply, Google Assistant, and much more.


LG Watch Sports is an amazing new addition to the market. The design is amazing, the integrated apps work really well, the processor is strong enough support multi-tasking, and wireless charger is a huge help. It is basically a complete package, which makes it a must for anyone interested in the product.

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