[Live Stream] Google IO 2014 Live : Some new Announcements by Google

Its time for the biggest Tech Buzz of this month. Yes, you are right am talking about  Google IO 2014 Live. Google IO 2014 is expected to start at 9 a.m. Pacific time today, ie, around 9:30 PM indian Time. There are lots of buzz going around tech world about this event since the search engine giant google has snapped around 25 cutting-edge tech companies since its last Google I/O. Luckily Live streaming for 25th and 26th event are also available and  Hangout sessions are also scheduled for in-depth broadcast.

Update : Keynote live streaming has started now you can view the Live stream below. Get Google IO 2014 Live Twitter update with #io2014

Day 1 : Keynote Session Brief

This years google I/O was amazingly hot with around 7 Great Announcements and some awesome sexy updates over the previous services. Lets see the list of these Announcements and what it is about :

Android One : This is one of the biggest Announcements of the day , where google promises cheap Android Phones for developing countries like India. These phones will get preference and updates similar to that we get on nexus phones. Google has tied up with Micromax , Spice and Karbonn for this project  and the price of such handset is expected to be around $100.

Android L : The much awaited Android L update was also announced in the IO 2014 with an awesome Material design and presents with a new look and feel much beyond the previous android. There is new concept called “elevation value” for any item within the UI  that allows developers to use the new interface and give depths to items as they like. Android L also allows developers to create seamless animations when they are transitioning between screens. And a new feature called “palette” automatically reads the colours in images to make the user interface around them match. It also comes with a personal unlocking feature which unlocks the phone when in a trusted area such as home or near a trusted bluetooth device like smart watch. Apart from this google also announced a Battery saver mode which increases battery life. Notifications have also been improved, allowing users to view messages easily without getting any intruption in between games or other work. The Android L developer preview will be available for the developers for Nexus 5 handset by this Thursday.

Android Wear This is one of the most sexiest announcements of the day and Android Wear powered smart watches LG G , Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360 will be available in the early development stages. the 1st two are already available for purchase from google starting today , the later will be available by the end of this summer. Android wear can be seamlessly connected with your mobile via bluetooth or wifi to view your messages, google now cards, time , etc or even google search. In the Google IO , it was used to even order a pizza from your mobile with simple clicks using smart watch.

Google Designs :At Google I/O google has shared its new google design page where it aims to make our design works much simpler with guidelines and stuffs.

Android Auto : This is another one of the hottest Announcement of the day, Android Auto is a new big product by google along with many other automobile manufacturers to tackle automobile based accidents occur due to phone driving. With Android auto you will be able to easily interface between your mobile and your car. Use Google Navigation , change car music and use google apps such as spotify. Android Auto SDK’s will be available for developers by the end of this summer and Android Auto’s powered Car will be available from leading car manufacturers by the end of this year.

Android TV : This is another cool Announcement by Google at the google IO 2014, Android TV allows you to seamlessly connect your android phones or tabs with your Smart TV’s. This allows you to play your favourite Android multiplayer games right on the TV, get Mobile notifications on your TV while you watch it. Mirror everything that you do on your android phone on to the Smart TV such as a google Earth projection , or projecting a movie played in the mobile on to the TV , etc. Apart from this google also allows you to stream youtube videos, watch netflix channels and it is supposed to adapt with your common Digital TV channels.

Apart from these there’s a whole new level of update for the Chromecast and Chromebooks that allows the users to easily connect with their mobile phones and the chromebooks. Google is also trying to make the android store apps available on to the chromebooks or chrome OS. yah , you are right , in the coming few months you will be able to use watsapp, hike , or even text message without hassle from your chromebooks using your mobile.

Google Cloud new features & dataflow : Today google announced 4 great features to the google cloud platform which are :

-> cloud save
-> cloud debugger
-> cloud trace
-> cloud monitoring

These new features allows more power to the cloud development and also allows the developer to debug his program realtime with a powerful debugger.

Google Fit : Last but not the least , google announced its new product google fit which is main aim is for keeping the health of the people in good form. This can be easily integrated with the smartwatch App and the mobile.

We will be discussing and sharing the latest update regarding google I/O 2014 here with you. Stay tuned.

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