How to Live Stream on Facebook With Your Phone

Have you ever considered to live stream on Facebook?

With the introduction of live streaming, Facebook gave power to celebrities, public figures, etc, having verified Facebook pages, to broadcast themselves to anyone in the world.

This certainly made the regular users feel demotivated.

Realizing this, Facebook came up with launching a live video streaming feature for its regular users. Yes, everyone could be part of this wonderful Facebook live video experience.

The live video feature is quite easy to use. Anyone who had tried Twitter’s Periscope in the past will be familiar to it.

But those who have no idea how to use the live video feature and what it is really like, do not worry! We bring to you a guide on how to live stream on Facebook. Let’s have a look!

Finding the Feature

To operate the live stream video feature, you need to have an android phone or an iPhone. Open the Facebook app and find the live button under the status icon.

The front camera opens up, giving you a few options on the screen. The live video asks for a description. You describe what your live video is all about. Furthermore, you can also decide who gets to view your video. Click on the Friends Icon under your name on the screen to change the privacy settings. The front camera can also be changed to a rear camera. Just click on the reverse icon and it gets done.

Let’s Go Live

Once you’re geared up to live stream on Facebook, click on Go Live. The video appears in your timeline as soon as you go live. Interestingly, Facebook algorithm promotes live videos towards the top of the News Feed, sending a push notification to your subscribers and lets them know that you’re live. Once your video is live, you can see your video along with your audience. Statistics such as the number of views your video has gained, how long you’re on air, and live comments from the users will be displayed on the screen alongside. Speaking of live comments, they’re easy to read and also stick around for a while.

Important Tips

Always make sure to have a good internet connection before going live on Facebook. If there is an insufficient internet bandwidth, Facebook live server will automatically detect it and won’t connect your live video until the connection is stable and working smoothly.

Remember, do not expect hoards of viewers on your first live stream. To get significant views, it is suggested to announce about your live session in advance before broadcasting your live video on Facebook.  Your audience can put it on their schedule accordingly. After you’re done broadcasting, the video remains on your timeline, allowing people to replay it. This will help your video collect more views.

Moreover, you can also save the same video to your phone. Modify the video as per your choice and share across different social networks.

Since you’ve learned how to go live on Facebook, we would like you to try this feature for yourself and see how it can help you in the long run.

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