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Loader Droid Download Manager for Android: Say Hello to Convenience!

There isn’t a shortage of download management apps on Android. But if you’re searching for something that’s truly capable of meeting your expectations, then you need not look beyond loader droid download manager. Equipped with all the standard essentials of a download manager, the app does everything from intercepting, boosting, organizing and managing your downloads. Despite a wide range of configuration options, it doesn’t compromise on user-friendliness. This is just a glimpse of what makes Loader Droid such a dependable choice. Let’s explore the app and its impressive set of features in detail in this comprehensive review.

Download Acceleration

Short on patience? Want your downloads to finish fast? Loader droid download manager knows just how to please you. By splitting files into smaller sections and downloading them simultaneously using multiple connections, it reduces the download time significantly. Just be mindful of the fact that not all download links support multiple connections.

Pause and Resume Downloads

The ability to pause an active download, or resume broken or interrupted downloads is undoubtedly an essential when it comes to download manager apps. Loader Droid doesn’t disappoint in this regard either. It gives you full control over your downloads, letting you pause or resume them as per your convenience.

Audio and Video Grabbing

Loader Droid is exceptionally good when it comes to detecting media files on a webpage. If you tap the download button, it intercepts the link and takes over the job to run the process as smoothly as possible. The convenience with which the whole process completes will definitely leave you pleasantly surprised.

Website Grabbing

Media files are not the only thing that this nifty download manager app is capable of intercepting. No matter what website you are on, you will find the app in your service the moment you require it. It comes equipped with the capability to grab and finish your downloading tasks for you.

Queue Processing

If you are looking to download multiple files, but don’t want to clog up your bandwidth, then adding them to queue so that the files download on their own one after the other without you having to constantly check on them and give the command. Loader Droid is pretty good when it comes to queuing processing. The downloads added to queue won’t require your attention until they are complete and ready for use.

Scheduled Downloading

Scheduled downloading is a great way to manage your bandwidth consumption and mobile data plan. It’s hard to get over the shock of background downloads depleting your month’s data plan within a matter of days without your knowledge. Loader Droid makes the management of bandwidth consumption a piece of cake with its scheduled download feature.

Impose Speed Restriction

Want to control the amount of bandwidth being consumed by your downloads? No problem. Loader Droid empowers you with total control over your downloads by letting you set a limit on their speeds, thus freeing up bandwidth for other tasks such as surfing the web or using a VoIP service on your Android.

Integration with Browsers

Loader Droid comes loaded with an integrated browser that is responsive and has a friendly user interface. It also serves to update expired downloads. However, if you feel more comfortable with the browser that you’re already using, e.g. stock browser, Dolphin, Chrome, that won’t change things much. The app supports majority of the popular browsers.

Supported File Size

Loader Droid makes the size of file being downloaded irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you’re downloading a small file or a huge one, the app will ensure that the process runs smoothly without any hiccups. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the available internal and external memory.

Customer Support

Loader Droid offers support through email. If you ever run into a problem while using the app or any of its features, simply direct a mail to loader.droid@gmail.com and then wait for the support team to get back to you. The response time can definitely be removed, though the help and guidance that is eventually offered is quite satisfactory.


The app runs on Android version 2.3 and up.


Loader Droid is available in both free and paid versions. The former offers all the basic functionality, but you’ll find yourself dealing with pestering ads. Don’t want to see them? Upgrade to the premium version.

Loader Droid Download Manager Guide

You can learn how to download Loader Droid download manager on your Android by visiting http://www.techomag.com/how-to-install-loader-droid/.