lookout security and antivirus android review

Lookout Security and Antivirus: Powerful Security Made Simple

The Lookout Security & Antivirus is a tool that can literally smell problems if its features are anything to go by. The app is one of the sleekest designs out there and is super easy to use even for people who are allergic to all things tech. It would be the best app out there if it had a few more features under its belt.

Real Time Protection

This app doesn’t just protect in real time, it has a live activity feed to tell you what it’s up to and what it’s keeping out of your device. You can use your Android anyway you like, it keeps working in the background, and it does it without comprising on your device’s performance. Harmful threats are found and squashed before they can infect the device.

Web Shield

Lookout will work with the Android browser and Chrome, but it doesn’t support third party browsers like Firefox which is a bit of a letdown. The tool keeps working in the background while you browse and there’s no lag nor does the device freeze up. There are constant updates for the user i.e., each time Lookout is done scanning a page it lets you know that it’s good to go. You can also review the scans later if you need to. The only problem is that it can’t tackle all phishing scam pages, which is more or less a problem with most security tools. It boils down to using common sense to keep the device safe from these kinds of threats.

App Manager & Privacy Report

Lookout scans all the apps on your system and ensures that they are not malicious and will not harm your system. The Privacy Advisor doesn’t just check the apps for problems, it also creates a neat little report for you to see which apps can access what on your phone. You can also check why an app is in possession of certain permissions. If you see an app that has access to tools that it doesn’t need, then you can get rid of it too.
It also targets apps that come heavily laden with adware and tells you that the app is being too annoying. No other security tool is currently highlighting apps that are technically not malware, but aren’t doing you any favors either.

Remote Locking

Lookout lets you use their website to execute a whole lot of remote commands. You can locate the device, lock your phone, wipe it clean and even sound a ‘Scream’ if you think your phone has been stolen. When you lock the device anyone who’s found it won’t be able to access any information on it, including things on your home screen. Lookout locks people out completely.


The Scream feature mentioned above will give a thief an earful on your behalf if they’re unlucky enough to steal your Android. Not only does it emit a 101 decibel sound, it also begins vibrating immediately to alert others that the device is stolen. You can furthermore use the locate command to look up where your phone is through the GPS connection.

Lookout can pretty much track your phone so you can check the thief’s itinerary as well before handing them over to the police.

Technically if the phone stops working then you can’t send any remote commands or track your thief, but the app does send in a Signal Flare before it shuts down so that you know the last place where it was seen.

Lookout actually goes a step further than other apps when it comes to anti-theft protocols. Apart from the regular “it’s gone now, this is what you should do” kind of features, it actually predicts that the phone is with someone else and sends out alerts. Removing the SIM card, enabling Airplane mode, turning off the Android etc will result in you getting an alert that your phone might be in trouble. This could have been a potentially annoying feature if the alerts just came and went as they pleased; fortunately Lookout gives you the option to pick when you want alerts.
Anytime one of the options you’ve okayed for an alert seems to be happening, you’re sent an image taken through the Android’s camera, along with a location on the device and helpful links you can use to get it back.
These features are great, but they don’t always work with top efficiency. For instance, in some cases removing the SIM card produced no alerts despite it being marked. Plus there are plenty of features that could be added to improve the anti-theft protocols. With a lot of other apps, switching SIM cards results in the phone getting locked, this is not the case with Lookout.

Installation Help

Check out our guide to install Lookout Security and Antivirus on Android for details.

Regular Updates

The app constantly updates on its own and does so automatically. You don’t need to worry about what version you’re on, as soon as it finds an internet connection it’ll be checking for an update and making sure all its definitions are up to date.

Customer Support

If you need help you can mailto: support@lookout.com. Anti-theft support is extremely strong with Lookout and very efficient.

Premium Features

The theft alerts, safe browsing, lock and wipe, privacy advisor and backup options are part of the premium package.


The Lookout Mobile Security has different versions available for different Android devices. So depending on what you’re using the app might change.


While the basic version of the app is free, a premium version with extra features can be picked up for a monthly fee.

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