Lost Soul Aside

Lost Soul Aside a One-Man Masterpiece, Release Date Still Unknown

A new trailer came out during the weekend that took the whole gaming world by surprise. A video game called Lost Soul Aside has been created by just one person, and it looks better than most AAA games out there. You don’t have to take our word for it – go on and watch the full gameplay trailer right here.Unfortunately, there’s no telling when and if the game will come out as the developer hasn’t even mentioned a tentative Lost Soul Aside release date.

As you can see, the visuals look amazing, combat is stylish, and character models have so much detail attached to them. The person behind this creation is a Korean individual named Bing Yang and he states that he took inspiration from Final Fantasy XV and came up with the creation of his own.

He does want to bring this concept to become a reality but at the moment, he does not possess enough backing to do so.

Looking at the feedback however, he is looking to do a Kickstarter but he is not in any hurry. He says that he needs time to figure out what he wants to do with Lost Soul Aside, and will only start the funding campaign when he knows what he wants to do with the game.

Until then, you can check the game’s Facebook Page where Bing Yang has posted several updates about the development process, and has promised to keep doing it in the future.

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