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How to Make Your Android Device Work Faster

Having an Android device that works way faster without any interruptions would be a dream of every Android user. You may have noticed that the device works faster when you purchase it but after some time, it starts slowing down, making you feel irritated. There are a lot of ways that can make your Android device work faster. Follow the tips to keep your Android device fast:

Clean Up the Home Screen

You need to clean up the home screen of your Android phone if it has a slow processor or is light on RAM. When you’re using live wallpapers or have more widgets spread on your home screen, the device will automatically work slowly because these things continue to update in the background. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the home screen of your Android device as clean as possible.

Use a Light Launcher

Usually, the default app launcher on your Android phone is designed in a way to showcase the best features of your device. However, they may or may not be always the fastest or most efficient. There are a lot of other third party launchers present in the Play Store that are optimized for speed. It is better to experiment with a couple of launchers to see which one is the lightest and works best for your device.

Use a Different Browser

We all are aware that Chrome is the default web browser on an Android device which is quite a resource-heavy browser app. It won’t harm you if you try out another browser to make your device work faster. Puffin or Opera have been considered to work really good on Android devices as their data compression feature help to load web pages much more speedily.

Uninstall Unusable Apps

You might have installed some unusable apps on your device which you should definitely get rid of as soon as possible. There might be a possibility that these apps are slowing down your phone. Therefore, uninstall those apps so you can enjoy more speed on your device.

Uninstall Antivirus Software

Most of us download antivirus software on our Android device thinking that it would help our phone from getting attacked by a virus. However, that really never happens in real because having an antivirus software on our phone is just unnecessary. It slows down your phone, affecting the speed of your other apps. As long as you keep installing antivirus software from authentic sources such as Play Store then you won’t have to encounter malware.

Reboot Your Device Regularly

Rebooting your Android device will keep it running smoothly for a long time, therefore you should definitely consider rebooting it regularly.