regret about having facebook

Make Sure You Don’t Want to Regret About Having Facebook

Social life has become a part of all of our lives. Now no one can imagine a world with out instant updates about your social circle through facebook or news through twitter.  But while this social networks helps us to let know how awesome our life is, you need to make sure that you won’t ever regret about having an fb account or another social network account. Cause all its takes is one update on your profile than can really change your life, your image and can even make you loose lot friends.

Well this post is inspired from the recent viruses and spam flooding facebook , filling up my feed with “Very nice”  images. well again come on , big deal  come on they are bring porn to you. No need for hunting on google again. Whatever let it be the thing that concerns is me is the damage its causing. This updates comes from my friends accounts , who don’t even know whats happening. I have seen people’s frustration, people starts suspecting others and all those blah blah , thanks to this virus.

well their is all chances that the next hit is you, if you don’t want that just make sure you follow certain tips so that atleast the chances of your account being compromised is reduced.

1) Facebook is Build for Real Friends

facebook is build with a view of connecting you with the friends you know in real life rather than adding up any random unknown person. Well there is no trouble is doing that ,even I add all people who request me. But again be ready to face the consequences.

A Photo Tag is all it takes to Cause Real Damage

Mr.X is a spammer, advertising his/her adult site.  They upload a pic and tag a lot random people on the list . So make sure you are not in Mr.X’s list as if you get in the tag, the pic be shown to your friends feed too since the chances are that it gets a lot likes so fb ranks it top. And hmm the damage is …..

So either use facebook as it is meant to be. Else enable profile reviews and other stuff till again, a friend on fb is enough to get you a good name. watch out.

2) Offers and Links are Juicy but life is too Real

Nothing in life comes for free, just know that. Don’t fall to flashy links saying you are 100000 th visitor you got 10000000000000 $S or any other such realistic offers. well if you ever click adverts make sure its quality adverts like adsense or facebook adverts or so on.

This also has to do with links as well. Just make sure you visit trusted links posted by trusted friends. Cause you can get hurt for your unneeded curiosity.

3)  Get an Antivirus

this is same all blah blah. it will keep you secure and updated in your defense against dark virus forces. even if safety is not 100% guaranteed , the shield can really help you lot.

4) Sharpen your Suspicion

Don’t open a file cause your friends send it to you. Well one of the most recent threats that was fastly propagating was the chatsend spam on facebook. This comes as a file thorough facebook messages and if opened it sends the same spam message to all your friend in your name. It prompts for installation of toolbar, which track your informations.

Also bad guys come in sheep skin. One of the major ways viruses get into computer is showing fake message that your computer is affected by virus and install this software to clean them. In reality the software you install is the virus.

So get a quality anti virus like AVG or AVAST which come for free.

5) Use the Privacy Settings

Fb is an awesome way to share your awesome moments of life through pictures. But make sure when you share that awesome face of your’s on fb the picture is not in high resolution and think of a chance for some one to cut out your face and do some creative work with that, which will gain you some real fans and some real good name 😛 . So when you post private photos make sure you share it with your trusted circle only. Use the facebook features wisely.

This also deals with app permissions as well, always have a look at which all permissions you are granting to the app and also about the trustworthiness of the application.

6) know your friends, Learn to trust

Everything is not what it seems. Its especially in internet. Don’t jump into conclusions. Give your friends always a chance. seeing  something wrong on a fb profile don’t means that guy is wrong. Its must be that his facebook account is hacked or anything. Know that no one is keen on killing their good name.

I hope you guys will watch out while surfing. and not let this stupid pranks destroy our beloved social space. the guys at facebook are working hard to stop this foul games. again internet security is mostly in the user hand .

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