Malware on the Rise while Trojans lose their Terror

Malicious Hackers have become quite proficient as they constantly release new kinds of malware. We were already aware that the new viruses, malware and Trojans are being released on the web at regular intervals, but one institute known as ‘G DATA Security Labs Malware’ did some research and found out that just in the last half of 2014, 4.1 million new strains were found. This means that the ratio of malware is on the rise and a new one is discovered every four seconds. The first half of 2014, however, was relatively safer when it comes to malware as almost 1.9 million strains were discovered during that period.

The Growing Threat of Spyware

The report also stated that the number of spyware on the internet has increased by quite some margin in the second half of 2014. With people downloading almost anything nowadays, adding spyware to apps and software has become a whole lot more tempting for malicious attackers. According to the report, just in the second half of last year, spyware saw an increase of 31.4 percent. Different ‘downloaders’ on the web have also seen a rise in numbers as people are inclined to click on them. However, the ratio of backdoors decreased quite a bit.

Improved Security deal Trojans a Heavy Blow

Speaking specifically of Trojans, researchers reported that there wasn’t too much of a change. “In the past, more and more new Trojans have been appearing very quickly in this sector over the years, with new groups in the background using new attack methods. However, in recent months there have been few changes to report.”

Bank Trojans have become pretty rare nowadays and it is largely due to the significant security measures deployed by the banks worldwide. It has allowed for safe banking and people can now deposit their money in the bank without worrying too much. Head of G Data Security Labs Ralf Benzmüller explained how online thieves have become helpless.

“Improved security measures by banks are making it more and more difficult for online bank robbers to get money from bank customers.”

Reinforcing the Defenses

Websites and accounts which were getting hacked left and right are relatively safer because the organizations have realized that the data of their users is sacred and it has to be kept safe and sound at all cost. A large number of security measures have been taken and two-step verification processes have been introduced on almost all major sites. The companies have also hired multiple skilled hackers so that an attack can either be countered or avoided before it can do any serious damage.

As explained in the report, the ratio of Trojans has reduced and people can go about their lives without the risk of losing their precious data. As far as malware are concerned, their ratio is increasing because that is where people are being careless and give away their personal information on different sites rather easily. The hackers turn that to their advantage and make sure their malware sneaks into the personal devices of other individuals.

You can read the full G Data Security Labs report right here.